Ask Jim

Hi Jim, how often should I have a vision check or eye exam? Sharon in Finglas West.

Sharon, every 2 years is recommended, but do contact us anytime you notice a change in your sight, and we"ll check it out for you!


Jim, can you check my colour vision? Dave in Navan

Hi Dave, about 8% of males have a Colour Vision deficiency and cannot easily distinguish between certain colours... We can do a comprehensive Colour Vision Test for you and give you the answer immediately. Normal Colour Vision is a requirement for lots of jobs like, electrician, painter, panel beater, pilot, printer etc,  so be sure to contact us for your eye test.


Ask Jim, I have a nickel metal allergy, can I wear your glasses? Marie in Glasnevin

Hi Marie , a lot of women  are allergic to the nickel that is in some costume jewellery and spectacle frames and this can cause watery eyes, itchiness  and maybe a rash on the side of the face as well. But we have a solution for you, because we have a range of "nickel free" metal frames and lots of fashionable plastic material frames which are suitable for you!


Jim, my 10 year old son is mad about football but cant play in his glasses, have you sports goggles for him? Barry in Blanchardstown

Yes Barry we have, and we're making them up every week for kids playing Soccer, GAA and various other sports too. Then when he's a bit older he can try Contact Lenses.


Hey Jim, I've sat on my spectacles and broken the side, can you repair them?! Joe in Ashbourne

Joe bring them in and well sort it out. We have a workshop at our Finglas store and can usually find a new matching side, do a solder repair,  or fit your lenses into a new frame if necessary.