Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Why use Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses, like spectacles, are worn to correct your vision. Many spectacles wearers may decide to combine contact lenses with spectacles to meet their individual vision needs.

There are many benefits to wearing contact lenses such as:

  • Image: Some people prefer to not have the hassle of spectacles all day long, and feel they look better without them.
  • Sports: If you or your teenager play sports, contact lenses are ideal for outdoor activities and give you peace of mind that your spectacles are safe at home.
  • Social: Whether its a family party, staff evening, or girls night out and you want a change of look, choosing contact lenses is one great way to achieve this.

Type of Contact Lenses

There are many types of contact lenses on the market today, and there is usually a lens available to suit most people.

1. Daily Disposable Lenses

This convenient and affordable lens allows you to change from spectacle to contacts without the hassle of having to clean or maintain the contact lenses. They are great for anyone who leads a busy life, wheter you travel a lot, play sports or are just always on the go. These lenses are light and disposable. You get up to 12 hours of wear time, before removing them and simply throwing them away. With these contact lenses you decide how often you want to wear them. One months supply contains 30 pairs of lenses. Alcon Aqua Comfort Plus lenses allows you the convenience and comfort of wearing contact lenses without the worry of ongoing lens care. Wearing daily disposable lenses, like all other types of contact lenses requires you to have your eye care recheck every six months.

Alcon now also supply Alcon All Day Comfort Toric daily contact lenses for clients with astigmatism in their lens prescription, so if you have a slightly stronger prescription and have not been offered a contact lens trial before, be sure to contact us for more information. These toric lenses often allow you all the benefits of the Aqua Comfort Plus lens, while supplying you with the great vision you always achieved with your glasses.

2. Monthly Contact Lenses

At TUNNEY OPTICIANS we supply a wide range of monthly contact lenses. The most obvious benefit is cost. Monthly contact lenses are a more affordable option especially if you wear your lenses everyday. With monthly contact lenses you have one pair of lenses that will last up to one month. These lenses must be cleaned daily to prevent the build up of protein on the lens. They must be removed every evening and stored overnight in cleaning solution.

Getting Started with Contact Lenses

If you decide you would like to try contact lenses we will be happy to supply you with all the information you need before taking that step. We clearly explain the contact lens trial process beforehand as many people fear they won’t be able to adjust to putting the lens onto their eyes or taking them off. We will sit with you and discuss what your needs are, try and discover what you want from your contact lenses before we begin the fitting. Our Optician, will spend the necessary time needed teaching you how to insert and remove your lenses. Some people will get it first time around, and if not, we will book you in for an extra session with the Optician at no extra cost, until you are happy and confident with handling your new contact lenses. We will also supply you with some FREE trial contact lens for you to take home.

When you are completely happy with your contact lenses you can then order your first month supply. We stock a large range of prescriptions and can usually supply you from stock.

At Tunney Opticians we will never see our customers stuck without their lenses, so if it’s a few days before payday and your on your last pair of daily lenses, simply phone us and we will supply you with three pairs of daily lenses FREE OF CHARGE!!